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About David Fonda


David Fonda
Photo by Anthony Wood

David Fonda is an award winning architectural and interiors photographer based in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. With a background in fine art, and experience in the editorial, corporate, and industrial, as well as architectural spheres, he combines a refined eye, an eagerness to comprehend, and a desire to communicate, with a business mind-set, and ‘behind the scenes’ understanding.

His images revel in the inter-play of light and structure, line and shape, tint and texture, making evident both his love of photography and of architecture. His clients include architects, interior designers, real estate investment firms & developers, architectural product manufacturers, construction companies, advertising agencies & graphic designers, and editorial.

David earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from Ohio University. He worked as a photo-journalist at two suburban Philadelphia daily newspapers, including the award winning Today’s Post. He went on to work as a corporate photographer for ARMCO, Inc., then a Fortune 50 industrial corporation, and CoreStates Financial, a regional bank. David has operated an independent photographic studio for more than 25 years.

David has offices in a renovated turn-of-the-century pencil factory in the Wayne Junction neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

To discuss your upcoming photographic needs, contact David today.


Awards & Exhibitions

•  International Color Awards          -            Honorable Mention;  two (2) Nominations, Architecture                                                                       2024

•  Discovering the Beauty in the Built Environment  -  Doho Magazine, Issue 28                                                                                                       2024

•  The Shape of Things              -                  Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis, MN                                                                                                               2024

•  Fine Art Photography Awards      -           Nomination:  Abstact                                                                                                                                 2024

•  One Eyeland World's 10 Best Black & White Photographers   -  Two (2) Finalists - Architectural Exteriors                                                        2023

•  Neutral Density Awards              -             Three (3) Honorable Mentions:  Architecture                                                                                         2023

•  Black & White Spider Awards         -        Third Place: Photojournalism;   Honorable Mention: Architecture                                                       2023                                                                                                                           -        Nominee:  Architecture;  Nominee:  Children of the World 

•  International Photography Awards     -    Honorable Mention:  Architecture - Buildings                                                                                        2023

•  Monovisions Awards            -                     Honorable Mention in Photo-Journalism                                                                                                2023

•  ReFocus Color Awards              -               One (1) Honorable Mention;  Two (2) Nominations                                                                                 2023

•  One Eyeland Best of the Best Photographers   -  Three (3) Selections                                                                                                                     2023

•  Architecture MasterPrize               -          Winner, Commercial Exteriors;  Honorable Mention, Residential Exteriors                                        2022

•  One Eyeland World's 10 Best Black & White Photographers   -  One (1) Bronze;  3 Finalists - Architectural Exteriors                                       2022

•  Neutral Density Awards              -             Two (2) Honorable Mentions                                                                                                                      2022

•  International Photography Awards     -    3rd Place, Abstract;  Two (2)  Official Selections, Buildings                                                                   2022

•  Black & White Spider Awards         -        One (1) Honorable Mention;  One (1) Nomination                                                                                     2022

•  It's Liquid, Venice, Italy             -                Photographer of the Month, June                                                                                                              2022

•  Monovisions Awards                   -              Two (2) Honorable Mentions                                                                                                                       2022

•  Minimalist Photography Awards       -       Honorable Mention, Abstract                                                                                                                     2022

•  The Beauty of Madness, exhibition     -    Praxis Photo Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN                                                                                              2022

•  International Photography Awards    -      Honorable Mention, Abstract                                                                                                                     2021  

•  One Eyeland World's 10 Best Black & White Photographers         -         Finalist                                                                                                        2021

•  Monochrome Awards                   -             Three (3) Honorable Mentions                                                                                                                    2021

•  Black & White Spider Awards         -          One (1) Honorable Mention;  Three (3) Nominations                                                                               2021

•  Architecture MasterPrize               -            Winner, Residential Exteriors;  Honorable Mention, Educational Exteriors                                         2021

•  Field Work: Landscape and Architecture   -   Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR                                                                                                          2021      

•   International Photography Awards      -     Honorable Mention, Interiors;  Honorable Mention, Buildings                                                             2014

•  ASMP, Best of                    -                          Winner                                                                                                                                                          2014

•  Minolta Cars & Cameras Comp.       -         Honorable Mention                                                                                                                                     1972